Before You Arrive:

Print & Complete Forms:

  1. I-9 Employment Verification (Download Form I-9)
  2. IRS Form W-4 (Download Form W-4)

NOTE: You must complete these forms prior to clocking-in for your shift!
If you are unable to fill out the form from home, you can print it on-site and fill it out 30 mins before your shift.
If you complete the forms then you do not have to come 30 mins early.

Bring Proper Identification:

A list of acceptable forms of identification can be found here (Page 9 of form I-9)

Most often people bring a (a) State Issued Driver’s License (or Identification Card) and,
(b) a Social Security Card (a copy is fine),

Note: a valid US Passport may be used in place of both an ID and Social Security Card or read PAGE 9 of the I-9.